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Welcome: Travis McAvene- Our NEW "International Spokesperson" !

Appointed July-2018: Based on his past accomplishments, we are blest and pleasure to be with him in his quest to train future stars from around the world

Coach Travis heads his own PerfectTeam. 

Travis's "PerfectTeam"!

Clayton L Brady-Zenia, OH-Marketer 1st Class Sept - 2018: Clayton joined Travis McAvene in the Ohio market as a marketer 1st Class.  If you know Clayton and want to become a PerfectShot, ask to use his code and get started. 


News about Travis, Named 2018-20 Tonga head Coach

  • Internationally: Date: August 14, 2018
  • Niasi Malua To Continue Through 2020 As Tonga Men's National Team Managing Director
  • The future leadership for the Tonga Basketball Men's National Team was disclosed today when Tonga Basketball Chairman Niasi Malua officially announced that four-time Copa Mitchell Cup Championship and longtime International Head Coach Travis McAvene has been named Head Coach of the Tonga Basketball Men's National Team for the 2018-20 quadrennium. Additionally, Tonga Basketball announced that Malua will continue in 2018-20 as Managing Director of the Tonga Basketball Men's National Team. Tonga Basketball's Board of Directors approved the two selections.

As head coach, McAvene will coach the Tonga National Team over the course of the 2018-20 quad, which could possibly include all Tonga Men's National Team training camps, and if the Tonga qualifies, the 2018 FIBA Polynesia Cup in Samoa (November) and the 2019 Copa Mitchell Cup (Jan. 2-8) in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

'I'm extremely humbled and honored to have the opportunity to represent our country as the coach of the Tonga National Team,' said McAvene. Tonga wants to take their basketball culture to the next level and I look forward to helping them compete for FIBA Championships this upcoming year.

Internationally, McAvene served as an Assistant Coach for the USA Basketball National Teams where he served under former NBA Coach of the Year Sam Mitchell , while winning one Silver and one Bronze medal. He served as the Head Coach for the 2012 USA National Selection Team that finished in second place with a 6-3 record in the 2012 FIBA William Jones Cup (Taiwan). McAvene would later win 4 championships in the Copa Mitchell Cup (Dominican Republic). Last summer, he was named Head Coach of the Chabibeh Sporting Cup of Lebanon. In the 2018 Liga Mediterranean Cup in Barcelona, Spain, McAvene led the Lebanese club to a Gold medal.

McAvene graduated from Taylor University in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 2006, he became the Head Assistant at NCAA 1 Coppin State University. In 2012, McAvene was named sbasket.com Minor League Coach of the Year after leading the Cincinnati Slam (UBA) to a 22-2 record. After several impressive showings in Spain, Dominican Republic and Taiwan; McAvene was named Head Coach of the Turks Island National Team.

  • Tonga's first FIBA event will be at the 2018 Polynesia Cup this November in Samoa! 'We've been targeting Coach McAvene to become our National Team Head Coach since this past Spring," said Tonga Federation spokesperson Niasi Malua. "Coach McAvene is a proven winner on the international level and knows how to get the best out of his players," added Malua. "Our top priority is to qualify for the 2019 Pacific Games.'
  • Tonga Basketball-Won the Cup in
  • This will be Tonga's first Men's National Team since 2011. The target plan starts in Vancouver, Canada at training camp. The Samoan club will then join the FIBA Polynesia Cup in Samoa. After a tour of the Oceans Conference, Tonga's National Team would like to join the 2019 Copa Mitchell Cup (Dominican Rep.) and the Liga Mediterranean Cup (Spain). "We want to prove to our community that Tonga Basketball is real," said Malua. "Signing coach McAvene will be the step we need in the right direction."


Coach of the Year for Chabibeh SC, Mediterranean Cup Awards - 2018

The Dayton, OH area-Travis works continuously for a totally trained athlete. 

  • (listing of more available info soon)


  • “From the first time I met Coach McAvene in Indiana was my first experience taking my career to what it is now. I didn't know what to expect or who I would become. Playing for Coach Mac has shown me  how to work hard and believe in myself. He has given me great things to build on in life and on the court. I was very blessed to be put in his path as a coach. It has taken to places you can only dream of. He has a special gift when it comes to helping players get or reach their full potential. I would love for him to coach me on any team and any level.”

               Aaron Perez -Professional Basketball Player (Mexico)

  • “I’ve known Coach McAvene for several years. His ALL-AROUND knowledge of the game in skill development, team building, and interpersonal skills are only of piece of his expertise. Coach Mac holds his players accountable and gives them the opportunity to shine at their strengths and always expects full effort in his clients growth aspect. It is always a pleasure on a personal and business level to work with him and I recommend him for any level of basketball from youth to professional basketball.  He is a proven winner and his career accomplishments speaks for itself!”

                Geoff Harner - YBDL Director of Player Development (China)


We are ready to provide you with the tools T-Mac and his team uses making all players better!

Our next Distributor - A "perfect team" in Toledo, OH


Welcome: Dennis Hopson- Ohio coming through again

Appointed December-2018: Based on his past accomplishments, Dennis is a great addition to our Team of truly great teachers. An All-American from tOhio State University and still its leading mens scorer, Dennis has learned the game from the NBA's best players and coaches.

Coach Hopson is also involved as the basketball director for the Toledo, OH   YMCA. He owns his own club, Glass City Athletics, where his programs teach youth the lessons of life through sport.

Coach Hopson heads his PerfectTeam.  

Dennis Hopson's "PerfectTeam"!

TBD and working on it!


Coming soon!


We are ready to provide you with the tools Coach Hopson's  team uses to make all players better!

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  • Since most all coaches are from Missouri-(the SHOW ME state?) this will help make a decision-OK?

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Perfect facts-NO fiction

Why is form and hand position on the ball so important - really!


The "Art of the shot"!   

Fact: how and where you position your OFF hand is a large part of the errors in shooting! The OFF hand is not really needed but for competition . 



  • All of these parts SHOULD line up, over and/or under each other!
  • The shooting hand and same side foot are lined up,  BUT,  the toes always point toward the basket-ALWAYS!!! 
  • The body is at a slight angle as in shoulders and hips. 
  • Body mechanics - SUPER important!

Fingers on the ball


Point the shot thumb toward the holding hands' thumb(knuckle). DO NOT "grip" the ball with this thumb!

  • Your fingers are Perfectly lined up and relaxed! Placing your NON-shooting hand on the back and side of the ball creating no drag or friction!
  • The thumb(s) steady the ball !!!
  • The ball should be "sitting" in your fingers-no parts of palm touches the ball. If you turn the palms downward, the ball should fall out of your fingers!
  • The INDEX finger is the last to touch the ball during a shot! Wrist is allowed to cock back and upon release, the wrist is "snapped forward as if it will break on the rim itself!

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