USE TPSS for a PERFECT basketball shot


#1 - Perfect body form is needed.. - no.... Required!

A) Read what a Board Certified Chiropractor states:

“Being a chiropractor, I see athletes who develop musculoskeletal pain and problems from repetitive faulty biomechanics on a daily basis in my private practice. With repetition and time the perfect shooting systems (TPSS) brilliant design can eliminate these faulty biomechanics. What athletes need to realize is that the TPSS is training your nervous system, the system of the body that controls and coordinates your musculoskeletal system and thus athletic performance. The TPSS strengthens the brain-body connection to ensure optimal technique, which has two primary advantages, better shooting on the court, and the decreased risk of developing repetitive stress injuries off the court.”

Jarrod J. Chipp, D.C.

Owner of Lifespine: Back & Body Wellness

Las Vegas, Nevada

Jus' throwing' the rock at a rim gets you no where! Being consistent, creating correct repetition in delivery, and exact, methodical practice is THE habit to be developed! Since habits are made and not magically formed, hard work really is #!

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#2 - Bein' dope: The building of confidence through EDUCATION for PERFECTion!

Like - Perfection toward 'ur school work!

Building friends takes continuous work - right? So does a basketball shot!

Drive-ambition-sweat-all very positive attitudes!

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#3 - Practice EVERY move correctly - it intimidates most chumps!

Don't wish it was done 'cause it'd be easier! Work to become PERFECT!

All your peeps be workin' too. They wanna be U !

Embrace that person - U! 

It defines U!

#4 - Follow the 30 minute plan we laid out for you. MAKE yourself follow THE plan that works!

A) Developing cognitive (BRAIN) play develops repeatable skills.

B) 100 basketball shots per day-minimum- but watch what really happens when you take 250! 

C) follow "The Perfect Shooting System" that you get when purchasing the PS and make it work for you. We just sayin' - U just perform! 

D) stay focused. a minimum of 30 shots in one place, then move a little, not a lot!!

E) As one shoe company has in its' ad, the immortalized  "JUST DO IT" !  

F) It's now time to record your perfect stats  - everyday!

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#5) - Become A leader! YEAH, THAT one!!

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Be a student and leader in the classroom 

Get GOOD grades - NO slackers here!

We will verify all - stats AND grades! Yup - REALLY!

See you "At the top!"

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